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Saturday, February 10th

Intuition Ale Works
6:00p – 9:00p

Drinks 4 Dyslexia

Join us on the rooftop of Intuition Ale Works for a magical night of music, mingling, dancing the night away, delicious food and drinks, plus a silent auction and raffle all to help raise money for The DePaul School. By sponsoring Drinks for Dyslexia, you are taking a huge step towards helping DePaul change lives.




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Carithers Pediatric Group

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Carithers Pediatric Group

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Dyslexia affects 1 in 5 people worldwide.  It is an unfortunate fact that, even though 20% of students learn differently, our conventional school systems (public, private, or charter) are not adequately prepared to help this subset of children thrive.  There are over 30,000 underserved dyslexic students in Duval County alone.

Children with unaddressed dyslexia are at a far higher risk of juvenile delinquency.  And since dyslexia is inherited, they are at risk of getting stuck in generational poverty cycles, having a lifetime of low-paying jobs, living in low-income housing, and not being able to afford interventions for their own children.

Dyslexia doesn’t discriminate.
All genders, races, and income levels are affected.

The “School to Prison Pipeline” is peppered with dyslexic individuals.  Over 80% of incarcerated people have a reading disorder.

What is Drinks 4 Dyslexia?

Drinks for Dyslexia is an event specifically created to help The DePaul School fundraising for a new campus.

The DePaul School exists because motivated parents in 1980 believed their dyslexic kids deserved a chance.  Initially a Saturday-school program, over the years DePaul has grown into an incredible full-time school where 120 students (grades 2 through 8) have the opportunity to learn via the Orton-Gillingham method.  This method is a data-driven and science-backed approach that specifically helps dyslexic learners achieve literacy rates commensurate with their age-matched peers. 

In 2022, DePaul learned that our landlord would not renew our lease.  In the span of a year, we have not only obtained a new campus home but are also about 80% of the way towards complete financing.  

Our new campus will achieve two amazing goals:

  1. Enlarge the campus to accommodate up to 180 students
  2. Create the DePaul Dyslexia Literacy Center

Since 2016, 100% of DePaul graduates have gone on to graduate with conventional high school diplomas. 

Realizing that our school model is unparalleled but that, even with the added capacity of our new space, dyslexic students would still be in need of optimal teaching techniques, The DePaul Dyslexia Literacy Center was born.  This Center will be THE space in Jacksonville where all teachers — public, private, and charter — can come to learn the Orton-Gillihgham method.  We not only aim to educate the educators, but also serve as a space where adult dyslexic individuals can come for reading remediation and where reading specialists who work with inmates might learn better teaching techniques.

By sponsoring Drinks for Dyslexia, you are taking a huge step towards helping DePaul change lives.  Teaching a child to read gives them one of the most essential tools for success in education, business, and life. 

We have more events on the horizon to help raise awareness and donations for the DePaul School of Northeast Florida.
Please consider joining us on this endeavor. Thank you!

For more information, contact Teri Modisette at 904-223-3391

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